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Children registration

Registration for children aged 8 - 17 years

Registration is non-binding and takes place via this registration form. You will receive automatic feedback.

Diagnostic days take place at regular intervals (see Dates). The symptoms and the criteria are examined in detail in order to find out whether this therapy concept is suitable.
The right time for such an intensive therapy is also of great importance. If the criteria are met, we will discuss the therapy time with you. Please understand that you will have to expect a waiting period.
The groups must not be too large in order to be able to provide quality.

According to § 6 of the DSGVO we store your data for the processing of your order. Further information can be found in our privacy policy.

General data concerning your child
Family Doctor / Pediatrician / ENT Doctor
Special characteristics (ADS / hyperactive / syndromes / disabilities)*
Behavioural problems*
Does your child have any other movements in its face or body?*
Has your child already been treated?*
Are there other family members stuttering?*
Is your child taking medication?*
Is your child suffering from stuttering?*
Is your child being teased?*
Does your child have bad grades in school?*
Is your child withdrawing?*
Does your child avoid situations?*
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